Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church

We have an emphasis on inner healing and deliverance, and believing that all lives have purpose and a mission and destiny in God.


We at Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church believe that we are placed in this community, city, nation and world, to minister

  1. The love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to the sinner.
  2. Healing and restoration to hurting hearts, broken lives and sick bodies.
  3. Deliverance to the captives, whether it be from the powers of evil, habits and additions, or limited lives.
  4. The truth of the Word of God to the seeker
  • Empowerment and anointing for ministry to the disciple
  1. Evangelistic and material outreach to the community
  2. Release to divine destiny for all believers.
  • Bread of Life is a community outreach church. Bread of Life gives food out to a population of over 2000-3000 people or more per month, between the food bank at the church, and the food bank at the Imperial Courts Housing Project.. These are our neighbors, the people we see every day. not only helps meet immediate needs, but is a healing force for the community. The church serves lunch after our Wednesday services to perhaps 250-300 people per month.  Our downtown outreach serves nearly 300-400 people. We have a team of dedicated workers to provide these services.